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Directory for citizenship education

State-owned enterprises.
Government departments. Parliamentary offices. Crown entities.
Information and services. Help with rights and the law. District health boards. Crown entities.
Local authorities.


Crown entities

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

Provides accident insurance cover, and injury prevention and rehabilitation services.
Tel: 0800 101 996
Email: information@acc.co.nz
Web: www.acc.co.nz

Accounting Standards Review Board

Reviews and approves financial reporting standards, that prescribe the content of financial statements.
Tel: 09 355 8000, Fax: 09 385 8001

Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust

Provides grants for research within the agricultural, horticultural, pastoral and forestry industries.
Tel: 09 373 3370
Web: www.agmardt.org.nz/

Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC)

Promotes moderation in the use of alcohol.
Tel: 0508 258258 04 917 0600
Email: central@alac.org.nz
Web: www.alcohol.org.nz

Animal Control Products Ltd

Designs, formulates, manufactures and markets pest control products.
Tel: 06 344 5302
Email: info@pestoff.co.nz
Web: www.pestoff.co.nz/

Antarctica New Zealand

Provides environmental stewardship, science support and strategies, information and, scholarship.
Tel: 03 358 0200
Email: info@antarcticanz.govt.nz
Web: www.antarcticanz.govt.nz

Artificial Limb Board

Helps with the rehabilitation of amputees through the provision of prosthetic services.
Tel: 04 385 9410
Email: info@nzalb.govt.nz

Asia 2000 Foundation of New Zealand

Works to build New Zealand’s links with Asia.
Tel: +64 4 471 2320
Email: asia2000@asia2000.org.nz
Web: www.asia2000.org.nz

BIZ – Business Information Zone New Zealand

www.biz.org.nz is the whole-of-government business portal designed to make it easier to run your business. It acts as an online business adviser, providing a gateway to business resources.

Tel: 0800 42 49 46 (0800 4 BIZinfo)
Web: www.biz.org.nz

New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS)

Responsible for all aspects of the transfusion process.
Tel: 0800 448 325
Head office Tel: 0800 629 566
Email: donors.national@nzblood.co.nz
Web: www.nzblood.co.nz

Broadcasting Standards Authority

See Help with rights and the law

Building Industry Authority

Reviews New Zealand building control law (the Building Act 1991 and Building Regulations 1992).
Tel: 04 471 0794
Email: bia@bia.govt.nz
Web: www.bia.govt.nz

Career Services Rapuara

Develops, promotes and delivers career information and planning.
Tel: 04 801 5177
Email: careers@careers.govt.nz
Web: www.careers.govt.nz

Casino Control Authority

Licenses and regulates casinos in New Zealand.
Tel: 09 358 4356
Email: cca@casinocontrol.govt.nz
Web: www.casinocontrol.govt.nz

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

Establishes, maintains and monitors the rules to keep flying safe.
Tel: 04 560 9400
Web: www.caa.govt.nz
Safety calls Tel: 0508 4SAFETY

Commerce Commission

Enforces commerce-related regulation, and provides information.
Tel: 0800 94 3600
Email: contact@comcom.govt.nz
Web: www.comcom.govt.nz

The Commissioner for Children, Office of

See Help with rights and the law

The Correspondence School

Provides distance education.
Tel: 0800 659 988, 04 473 6841
Email: contact@correspondence.school.nz
Web: www.correspondence.school.nz

Creative New Zealand

Encourages, promotes and supports the arts.
Tel: 04 473 0880
Email: info@creativenz.govt.nz
Web: www.creativenz.govt.nz

Crop and Food Research Ltd, New Zealand Institute for

Provides research, technology and services to support the development of products from crops and seafood.
Tel: 03 325 6400, Fax: 03 325 2074
Email: info@crop.cri.nz
Web: www.crop.cri.nz

Crown Research Institutes

Industrial Research Limited

Tel: 04 569 0000

Environmental Science & Research Ltd (ESR)

Tel: 04 914 0700
Web: www.esr.cri.nz

Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Ltd

Tel: 04 570 1444
Web: www gns.cri.nz

Landcare Research

Tel: 03 325 6700

National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd (NIWA)

Tel: 04 386 0300
Web: www.niwa.cri.nz

Early Childhood Development

Provides advice, support and information about early childhood education and parenting.
Tel: 04 566 9371
Email: info@ecd.govt.nz
Web: www.minedu.govt.nz

Earthquake Commission (EQC)

Helps New Zealand homeowners recover from the effects of certain natural disasters.
Tel: 04 499 0045, 0800 652 333
Email: info@eqc.govt.nz
Web: www.eqc.govt.nz

Electoral Commission

Registers political parties and allocates election broadcasting time and funds to eligible political parties. Also provides public education.
Tel: 04 474 0670
Email: info@elections.govt.nz
Web: www.elections.org.nz

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)

Seeks voluntary changes of behaviour to energy efficiency and conservation strategies.
Tel: 04 470 2200
Web: www.eeca.govt.nz

Environmental Risk Management Authority

Controls the introduction to New Zealand of new plants and animals, and new and existing hazardous substances.
Tel: 04 916 2426
Email: info@ermanz.govt.nz
Web: www.ermanz.govt.nz

Film and Literature Classification, Office of

Classifies publications (including films,video recordings and digital files).
Tel: 04 471 6770
Email: information@censorship.govt.nz
Web: www.censorship.govt.nz

New Zealand Film Commission

Encourages the production and promotion of New Zealand movies being made by New Zealand directors.
Tel: 04 382 7680
Email: mail@nzfilm.co.nz
Web: www.nzfilm.co.nz/

Fire Service, New Zealand

Fights fires, provides assistance with other emergencies, and works with communities to prevent fires.
Tel: 04 496 3600
Email: queries@fire.org.nz
Web: www.fire.org.nz

Fire Service Commission, New Zealand

Controls the New Zealand Fire Service and the National Rural Fire Authority.
Tel: 04 496 3600
Email: queries@fire.org.nz
Web: www.fire.org.nz

Fish & Game New Zealand

Looks after the sports of freshwater fishing and game bird hunting, and the required habitats.
Tel: 04 499 4767
Email: nzcouncil@fishandgame.org.nz
Web: www.fishandgame.org.nz

Forest Research Institute Limited, New Zealand

Offers skills, scientific knowledge and experience to the trade and marketing of wood-based products.
Tel: 07 343 5899
Email: info@forestresearch.co.nz
Web: www.forestresearch.co.nz

Foundation for Research, Science & Technology

Invests, on behalf of Government, in research, science, technology and engineering.
Tel: 04 9177800
Email: mail@frst.govt.nz
Web: www.frst.govt.nz

Game Bird Habitat Trust Board (New Zealand)

Receives and distributes the proceeds of the Game Bird Habitat Stamp programme .
Tel: 04 499 4767
Email: nzgbht@fishandgame.org.nz

Government Superannuation Fund Authority

Manages the assets and liabilities of the Government Superannuation Fund (GSF).
Tel: 04 499 6999
Email: enquiries@annuitas.co.nz
Web: www.gsf.govt.nz/

Health and Disability Commissioner

See Help with rights and the law.

Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC)

Promotes and funds health research.
Tel: 09 379 8227
Email: info@hrc.govt.nz
Web: www.hrc.govt.nz/

Health Sponsorship Council

Markets health messages to at-risk audiences.
Tel: 04 472 5777
Email: info@healthsponsorship.co.nz
Web: www.healthsponsorship.co.nz


New Zealand’s largest horticulture and food research organisation.
Tel: 09 815 4200
Email: enquiries@hort.cri.nz
Web: www.hort.cri.nz

Housing New Zealand Corporation

Provides housing and housing services.
Tel: 04 474 2100
Web: www.hnzc.govt.nz

Human Rights Commission

See Help with rights and the law

Industry New Zealand

Supports the policy of stimulating economic development.
Tel: 04 910 4300
Email: info@industrynz.govt.nz

Land Transport Safety Authority

Promotes land transport safety at reasonable cost.
Tel: 04 931 8700
Email: info@ltsa.govt.nz
Web: www.ltsa.govt.nz

Law Commission

Undertakes the systematic review, reform and development of the law.
Tel: 04 473 3453
Email: com.lawcom.govt.nz
Web: www.lawcom.govt.nz

Learning Media Limited

Develops and sells educational resources to New Zealand schools and international markets.
Tel: 04 472 5522
Email: info@learningmedia.co.nz
Web: www.learningmedia.co.nz

Legal Services Agency

Ensures that legal aid is applied consistently and representation is there when people most need it.
Tel: 04 495 5910
Email: info@lsa.govt.nz
Web: www.lsa.govt.nz

Lotteries Commission, New Zealand

Promotes and conducts New Zealand lotteries.
Tel: 04 802 7000
Email: info@nzlc.co.nz
Web: www.nzlotteries.co.nz

Lottery Grants Board, New Zealand

Determines the allocation of New Zealand lotteries proceeds.
Tel: 0800 824 824
04 495 7200 (if phoning from Wellington free calling area)
Email: lotterygrants@dia.govt.nz
Web: www.dia.govt.nz

Management Development Centre Trust

Enhances public sector management capability.
Tel: 04 473 2222
Email: info@mdcentre.govt.nz
Web: www.mdcentre.govt.nz

Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand

Promotes a safe and clean maritime environment at reasonable cost.
Tel: 04 473 0111
Email: msa@msa.govt.nz
Web: www.msa.govt.nz


Te Mangai Paaho

Promotes Māori language and culture by making funds available for broadcasting and production.
Tel: 04 9150700
Email: tmp@tmp.govt.nz
Web: www.tmp.govt.nz

Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (Māori Language Commission)

Promotes and raises awareness of the Māori language and Māori language issues.
Tel: 04 471 0244
Fax: 04 471 2768
Email: tereo@tetaurawhiri.govt.nz
Web: www.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz

Mental Health Commission

Monitors the National Mental Health Strategy, and works to improve outcomes for people with mental illnesses.
Tel: 04 474 8900
Email: info@mhc.govt.nz
Web: www.mhc.govt.nz

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Tells the great stories of New Zealand’s past, present and future.
Tel: +64 4 381 7000
Email: mail@tepapa.govt.nz
Web: www.tepapa.govt.nz

Ngai Tahu Ancillary Claims Trust

Recompenses the beneficiaries of ancillary Ngai Tahu claims (those not included in the Deed of Settlement between Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu and the Crown).
Tel: 0800 541 000
Email: enquiries-ntac@xtra.co.nz
Web: www.ancillaryclaims.govt.nz/

Pacific Business Trust

Supports business activity and ownership for Pacific peoples in New Zealand.
Tel: 09 270 1003
0800 287 7526
Email: info@pacificbusiness.co.nz
Web: www.pacificbusiness.co.nz

Pharmaceutical Management Agency Limited

Manages a nationally consistent Pharmaceutical Schedule on behalf of the District Health Boards (DHBs).
Tel: 04 460 4990
Web: www.pharmac.govt.nz

Police Complaints Authority

See Help with rights and the law.
The Privacy Commissioner, Office of .
See Help with rights and the law.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

Co-ordinates qualifications in secondary and post-secondary education, and administers examinations.
Tel: 04 802 3000
Email: helpdesk@nzqa.govt.nz
Web: www.nzqa.govt.nz/

Race and Ethnic Relations Unit

See Human Rights Commission

Radio New Zealand Limited

Provides innovative, comprehensive, authoritative and independent broadcasting of the highest possible standards.
Tel: 04 474 1999
Web: www.radionz.co.nz/

Residual Health Management Unit

Manages assets and liabilities which were not allocated to Crown Health Enterprises.
Tel: 04 472 3310
Email: office@rhmu.govt.nz

Retirement Commission

Assists New Zealanders to prepare throughout life for an adequate income in retirement.
Tel: 04 499 7396
Email: office@retirement.org.nz
Web: www.sorted.org.nz

Securities Commission

See Help with rights and the law
Special Education Service
See Ministry of Education

New Zealand Sports Drug Agency

Provides a sporting environment that is free of banned doping.
Tel: 09 521 5706
0800 378 437, 0800 DRUGFREE
Email: nzsda@nzsda.co.nz
Web: www.nzsda.co.nz

Sport and Recreation New Zealand

Develops and promotes sport and physical activity.
Tel: 04 472 8058
Email: info@sparc.org.nz
Web: www.sparc.org.nz

Standards New Zealand

New Zealand’s national standards organisation.
Tel: 04 498 5990 or 0900 50 550
Email: snz@standards.co.nz
Web: www.standards.co.nz

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Limited

New Zealand’s national orchestra.
Tel: 04 801 3890, Fax: 04 801 3891
Email: Info@nzso.co.nz
Web: www.nzso.co.nz

Takeovers Panel

Recommends, enforces and grants exemptions from the Takeovers Codes.
Tel: +64 4 471 4618
Email: takeovers.panel@takeovers.govt.nz
Web: www.takeovers.govt.nz

New Zealand Teachers Council

Professional body for all registered teachers.
Tel: 04 471 0852
Email: inquiries@teacherscouncil.govt.nz
Web: www.teacherscouncil.govt.nz

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Assists New Zealand businesses to internationalise through achieving export success and forging strategic alliances overseas.
Tel: Export Hotline 0800 555 888
Email: info@nzte.govt.nz
Web: www.nzte.govt.nz

Transport Accident Investigation Commission

Investigates aviation, rail and marine accidents and incidents of signficance to transport safety.
Tel: 04 473 3112
Email: inquiries@taic.org.nz
Web: www.taic.org.nz

Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)

Funds all post-compulsory education and training.
Tel: 04 462 5200
0800 TEC INFO (0800 832 463)
Email: info@tec.govt.nz
Web: www.tec.govt.nz

Testing Laboratory Registration Council

Part of New Zealand’s technical conformity assessment infrastructure.
Tel: +64 9 525 6655
Tel: 0800 004 004
Email: info@telarc.co.nz
Web: www.telarc.co.nz/index.htm

Tourism New Zealand

Ensures that New Zealand is marketed as a competitive visitor destination.
Tel: 04 917 5400
Web: www.newzealand.com

Transfund New Zealand

Allocates funds from the National Roads Account to provide the road network.
Tel: 04 916 4220
Email: reception@transfund.govt.nz
Web: www.transfund.govt.nz

Transit New Zealand

Manages, develops and maintains the state highways.
Tel: 04 499 6600
Email: info@transit.govt.nz
Web: www.transit.govt.nz

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