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State-owned enterprises.
Government departments. Parliamentary offices. Crown entities.
Information and services. Help with rights and the law. District health boards. Crown entities.
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State-owned enterprises

Airways Corporation of New Zealand

Provides air traffic control and advisory services in airspace.
Tel: 04 471 1888
Email: ken.mitchell@airways.co.nz
Web: www.airways.co.nz

AgriQuality New Zealand

Supplies testing, analysis, and quality assurance systems for agricultural and food products.
Tel: 09 573 8000 or 0508 00 11 22
Email: info@agriquality.com
Web: www.agriquality.com

Asure New Zealand

Provides simple and efficient solutions to complex food safety issues.
Tel: 03 353 1370
Web: www.asure.co.nz

Genesis Power

An electricity generating, trading and retailing company with hydro and thermal generation.
Tel: 0800 GENESIS (0800 436 374) also 09 580 2094
Email: feedback@genesisenergy.co.nz
Web: www.genesisenergy.co.nz/

Landcorp Farming

Ensures the sustainable management of a profitable farming business and its continued development and growth.
Tel: 04 471 0400
Email: obriens@landcorp.co.nz

Meridian Energy

Generates electricity.
Tel: 04 381 1200 0800 496 406
Email: info@meridianenergy.co.nz
Web: www.meridianenergy.co.nz

Meteorological Service of New Zealand

Gathers, analyses and provides weather information.
Tel: 04 470 0700
Email: webmaster@metservice.co.nz
Web: www.metservice.co.nz

Mighty River Power

Has nine hydro stations on the Waikato River.
Tel: 09 308 8200
Email: enquiries@mightyriver.co.nz
Web: www.mightyriverpower.co.nz/home/

New Zealand Post

Conveys letters, parcels and financial transactions by a variety of mechanisms.
Tel: toll free on 0800 501501
Phone: 09-3679710
Email: csc.help@nzpost.co.nz
Web: www.nzpost.co.nz

New Zealand Railways Corporation (NZRC)

Manages the lease between Tranz Rail Limited and the Crown.
Tel: 04 499 5894
Email: nzrailcorp@xtra.co.nz

Solid Energy New Zealand

Coal mining and marketing company exporting about half its production to international customers.
Tel: 03 345 6000
Email: info@solidenergy.co.nz
Web: www.solidenergy.co.nz

Television New Zealand (TVNZ)

Broadcasts television programmes that reflect and foster New Zealand’s identity and culture, both in New Zealand and internationally.
Tel: 09 916 7000
Web: www.tvnz.co.nz/

Timberlands West Coast

Actively involved in afforestation and related planting, silviculture, harvesting and marketing operations.
Tel: 03 762 6424
Email: info@timberlands.co.nz
Web: www.timberlands.co.nz/

Transpower New Zealand

Owns and operates the national grid.
Tel: 04 495 7000
Email: info@transpower.co.nz
Web: www.transpower.co.nz/

Vehicle Testing New Zealand

Supplies independent motor vehicle safety inspections, certification, registration and licensing.
Tel: 04 495 2500
Email: enquire@vtnz.co.nz
Web: www.vtnz.co.nz

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