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Our House: A house of representatives should, ideally, be ...

International perspectives on democracy: Commonwealth heads of government leaders said in their ...

Electing Parliament: The MPs and the political parties in New Zealand's Parliament are elected ...

Members of Parliament: In the 27 July 2002 general election, Labour gained 52, National 27, New Zealand ...

Forming the government: The Labour and Progressive Coalition Parties in Parliament have agreeed ...

Composition of Parliament: New Zealand's Parliament is a place where more and more sections ...

The New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust: The New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust was formed in 1991 to bridge ...

The role of the speaker: The Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives is the highest officer ...

Who drafts the laws? To make sure laws ar written correctly, Parliament has ...

The Office of the Clerk: The position of Clerk of the House of Representatives is one of the oldest ...

Parliamentary Service: The Parliamentary Service is one of two parliamentary agencies providing ...

What MPs do: Conventions, not job descriptions, guide what ..

MP's pay: Members of Parliament currently receive a ....

Living two lives: John Key, aged 41, National MP for Helensville, was an investment ...

From Youth MP to youngest MP: Darren Hughes, at 24 New Zealand's youngest ...

Government and Opposition: There is a tradition of thinking that asserts that ideas change with ...

How laws are made: Parliament is New Zealand's supreme law-making body. It's members study ...

How a bill becomes an Act

Select committees: After a bill is introduced to Parliament and has been given its ...

Select commitee members

Petitioning Parliament: Every New Zealand citizen or resident has the right to petition Parliament ...

Visiting Parliament: People come for many reasons to tour New Zealand's Parliament ...

150 years: The New Zealand Parliament celebrates its 150th ...



Election results 2002

Logo of the Act party.

Party: Act

Leader: Rodney Hide

Deputy: Muriel Newman

Whip: Ken Shirley

2002 Vote: 145,078

Share of vote: 7.14%

Electorates: 0

List Seats: 8

Total Seats: 8

Logo of the Green party.

Party: Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

Co-Leaders: Jeanette Fitzsimons, Rod Donald

Musterer: Rod Donald

2002 Vote: 142,250

Share of vote: 7.00%

Electorates: 0

List Seats: 9

Total Seats: 9

Logo of the Labour party.

Party: Labour

Leader: Helen Clark

Deputy: Michael Cullen

Whip:Jill Pettit

2002 Vote: 838,219

Share of vote: 41.26%

Electorates: 44

List Seats: 7

Total Seats: 51

Logo of the National party.

Party: National

Leader: Don Brash

Deputy: Gerald Brownlee

Whip: John Carter

2002 Vote: 425,310

Share of vote: 20.93%

Electorates: 21

List Seats: 6

Total Seats: 27

Logo of the New Zealand First party.

Party: New Zealand First

Leader: Winston Peters

Deputy: Peter Brown

Whip: Ron Mark

2002 Vote: 210,912

Share of vote: 10.38%

Electorates: 1

List Seats: 12

Total Seats: 13

Logo of the Progessive party.

Party: Progressive

Leader: Jim Anderton

Deputy: Matt Robson

2002 Vote: 34,542

Share of vote: 1.7%

Electorates: 1

List Seats: 1

Total Seats: 2

Logo of the United Future New Zealand party.

Party: United Future New Zealand

Leader: Peter Dunne

Deputy: Anthony Walton

Whip: Gordon Copeland

2002 Vote: 135,918

Share of vote: 6.69%

Electorates: 1

List Seats: 7

Total Seats: 8